Tekken finally releases first Filipino character

The arcade fighting game Tekken finally introduced a Filipino character to fulfill their new lineup.

According to a Twitter post of Bandai Namco Games’ Katsuhiro Harada, the Filipino character is a woman that specializes in Eskrima and Kick Boxing.

The character is named Josie Rizal, a play on the name of the Philippine national hero.

In a teaser released on Sunday, Josie is seen wearing a gold dress and a blue skirt with gladiator sandals. She is also accessorized with gold earrings, bracelets and a red headband. She also spoke in English.

According to a report in Event Hubs portal, Josie’s character design was made by Mari Shimazaki, the same person who designed the Tekken 7’s character Kazumi Mishima.

Here’s the teaser video: