Reactions of critics to Jurassic World

Reactions of critics to Jurassic World

The fourth installment of Jurassic series, Jurassic World, is expected to be a major box office success as Chris Patt headlining the thrill and Colin Trevorrow as the new director.

In the movie, Jurassic World is a popular dinosaur-themed park, which is looking to boost its visitors count – and so they develop the fearsome Indominus Rex, which soon escapes and wreaks havoc on all.

Now the film has hit movie houses worldwide, including in the Philippines, and reviews are starting to roll in. Let’s see what some of the critics are saying:

Wesley Lovell, Cinema Sight:
It’s certainly exciting and entertaining, but there is now splendor or awe-inspiring inventiveness.

Jules Brenner, Cinema Signals:
A pitch against genetic modification of animals, ancient or otherwise? An indictment of corporate greed at any cost to others? To the extent it’s seen that way, the purposes of entertainment override the “messages.”

Christopher Lawrence, Las Vegas Review-Journal:
Jurassic World combines enough nostalgia, technical wizardry and nonsensically thrilling moments to make fans of the original feel like kids again.

Daniel Barnes, Sacramento News & Review:
Jurassic World offers one-dimensional characters, misused actors, nonsensical motivations, retrograde gender politics, insipid pseudo-science and a whole lot of fun.

Matt Patches, Esquire Magazine:
An angry movie with a tragic moral … meta-adoration and criticism ends with a genetically modified dinosaur fighting off waves of dinosaurs.

Jason Best, Movie Talk:
Pratt is shaping up as the go-to-guy when Hollywood needs someone equally handy with a quip, a firearm and a vintage motorcycle… Howard’s [is] an even more impressive feat given that she has to sprint away from a rapacious dinosaur in high heels.

Henry Fitzherbert, Daily Express:
It combines first class effects, a genetically engineered deadly dinosaur, outstanding action, well defined characters and a screenplay that refreshes themes of corporate greed and playing God.

Daniel M. Kimmel, New Engalnd Movies Weekly:
The plotting and characterization is about an inch deep, but it does raise some interesting points along the way to its mega-dinosaur smackdown finale.

Pete Hammond, Deadline Hollywood Daily:
Dino-mite special effects take this sequel to new heights. Returning to the spirit of the original and ignoring the previous two editions, Jurassic World is just pure people-chomping fun.

Christopher Orr, The Atlantic:
If you limit your expectations for Jurassic World to “more teeth,” it will deliver on that promise. If you dare to hope for anything more-relatable characters, narrative coherence-you’ll only set yourself up for disappointment.

Scott Renshaw, Salt Lake City Weekly:
Jurassic World simply shrugs its massive shoulders at trying to be anything but a nostalgia-pandering, still-occasionally-fun product that will be appearing on T-shirts at Universal Studios this summer.

Brian Viner, Daily Mail UK:
This is a tremendously exhilarating adventure, certain to be a huge box office hit and a worthy addition to what I suppose must be called the Jurassic Park franchise–although the film itself bluntly satirises horrible marketing speak.

James Verniere, Boston Herald:
Interminable Rex is more like it. A more expensive SHARKNADO.

Brian Truitt, USA Today:
World is a monster step up from the two disappointing previous sequels, but is sorely missing the heart and inherent wonder of the classic first film.

Robbie Collin, Daily Telegraph:
Even more than its intensely likeable central performances and convincingly solid visual effects, it’s … supple self-reflexiveness that makes Colin Trevorrow’s film a worthy sequel to Spielberg’s industry-changing original.

Rene Rodriguez, Miami Herald:
There’s something deeply wrong with a film that expects you to shed tears over digitally created prehistoric creatures and rubber brontosaurus heads instead of rooting for, you know, people.

Ann Hornaday, Washington Post:
As has been previously observed, every action movie today ends up as “Transformers” and, even when it’s cloned creatures fighting, the same is true here (with an antic dash of “Sharknado” tossed in for good measure).

Richard Roeper, Chicago Sun-Times:
“Jurassic World” is pure, dumb, wall-to-wall fun. When they hand you your 3-D glasses, you can check your brain at the door and pick it up on your way out.

Daniel Krupa, IGN:
It has the spirit of the original movie, but doesn’t simply rehash the past. It’s a different beast–a self-aware blockbuster which has plenty of heart, humour, and excitement to make it a thrilling summer attraction.

Peter Travers, Rolling Stone:
It’s not the cynical, cash-in cheesefest you feared. OK, Jurassic World is a little of that. But this state-of-the-art dino epic is also a blast of rumbling, roaring, “did you effing see that!” fun.

Jake Coyle, Associated Press:
Jurassic World, the latest incarnation of the franchise, is lacking the deft sense of wonderment, wit and suspense that guided the original.

Bryan Bishop, The Verge:
Jurassic World would have benefited from being just a little less clever, because when it comes to crafting action sequences director Colin Trevorrow is impeccable.

Richard Lawson, Vanity Fair:
Jurassic World is not some brash upstart, tromping all over its ancestors with a witless, youthful swagger. Instead it’s a carefully, amusingly reverent nod to what’s come before it.

Chris Nashawaty, Entertainment Weekly:
While the new Jurassic World pales next to the awe-inspiring spectacle of the original, it’s easily the franchise’s most thrilling sequel yet.

Todd McCarthy, Hollywood Reporter:
The old-fashioned Saturday matinee-like pleasures stemming from resourceful derring-do in the face of mighty odds retain an appeal if done reasonably well, which is the case here.

Scott Mendelson, Forbes:
Jurassic World accomplishes the task of being something of an original adventure within the confines of being a sequel.

Simon Reynolds, Digital Spy:
No spoilers here, but the finale delivers one of the most satisfying, punch-the-air-brilliant blockbuster pay-offs in recent memory.


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