Apple Inc. buys a forest land

Apple Inc. buys a forest land

The technology company Apple has partnered with The Conservation Fund to acquire over 36,000 acres of forest land in Maine and North Carolina, USA.

According to a news release, the deal will pave way to The Conservation Fund to manage the two tracts of land while Apple will harvest the land in what’s called the “working forest” model, which ensures the long-term economic stability of the forests.

The purpose behind the project is that so Apple can exert further control over its paper supply chain, thus ensuring that the paper used in its packaging and marketing materials come from renewable resources.

“Apple is committed to zeroing out that impact by using paper more efficiently, increasing recycled paper content, sourcing paper sustainably, and conserving acreage of working forests around the world equivalent to its virgin paper footprint,” Apple’s head of HR Lisa Jackson and Conservation Fund CEO Larry Selzer said in a statement.